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About this performance

Schumann Symphony No.2

Nicholas Bochner presenter

The concert
Educational, insightful and entertaining.

In Ears Wide Open, you are taken on a unique musical journey by host and MSO cellist Nicholas Bochner. Nicholas together with the musicians of the MSO will deconstruct famous classical pieces so that you understand the context, history and story behind these well-known works. You will get into the mind of the composer, will hear the musicians perform what is being explained, and you will dive deeply into the pieces.

The first Ears Wide Open of 2020 explores one of Schumann’s richest and most compelling compositions.

Schumann’s second symphony was composed between 1845–46 – an interesting time of change for the composer, who was suffering numerous mental and physical ailments. At this time Schumann moved from piano-based composition to a ‘new way of thinking’ that saw him compose predominantly in his mind’s ear. The effect of this change was layered complexity and depth to his works.

The symphony itself begins with a leisurely introduction and simple fanfare that returns in subsequent movements. The pace of this first movement picks up, embracing a sense of rebellion and shifting disposition. Throughout the symphony, allow the Orchestra to take you through conflicting moods – vehement intensity comes in the second movement, while an aching third movement caresses the listener with romantic strings and wind.

Schumann’s Symphony No. 2 demonstrates creative robustness and richness, demarcating an integral turn in Schumann’s career.

Running time
1 hour, no interval

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